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ENERGY SET 2 - Sculpt Capris & ENERGY Tank Top

$ 42.00 USD

ENERGY SET 2 consists of Sculpt Capris and Energy Tank Top. 

Now you have an opportunity to get pieces you've been eyeing for quite some time and save money! That's right: ENERGY SET 1 is priced lower than 2 items separately.

As you can see, this set does not have size or color variation. Here is why: we understand that capris in size Small won't always match Sports Bra in Size Small. Thus, when you place an order, you choose colors and sizes! 


Sculpt Capris are available in 6 colors: black, navy, stone, red, green, and lavender.

Energy Tank Tops are available in 3 colors: red, green, and lavender.


Both capris and tank tops range from XS to L, and currently we have all available sizes. See table below:

This set can be mixed and matched, but we do have our favorite combinations. Of course darker capris will work well with pretty much any tops. Bright colors from ENERGY LINE were designed to match, and they look the best just like that!

Read our blog entry about ENERGY LINE to know more:


When you place an order, indicate in the notes sizes and colors of items that you'd like. For example: Capri in Red, Small. Crop Top in White, Small.

If you decide that you don't like capris, but you like bra and vice versa- no worries. You can return one of the items, and we will credit you the difference between the set and individual items.