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Posted on June 18 2019


You surely heard that phrase alot, didn't you? And yes, today we'll be talking about muscle tees! "Wait, what? But I thought Modus Apparel did not have muscle tees?" That's right, we don't, but this should not stop you form making your own! As a matter of fact, it is very easy!

Before we go into muscle tees, I'd like to feature our MODUS and SYMBOLIC  Scoop Bottom Tees. I wear them practically every day and, you probably guessed it- my muscle tees are made from them!

These shirts are no doubt my favorites. I'm 6'1'', so long body and scoop bottoms are perfect. I wear Medium almost in everything, and these shirts fit me perfectly. Nice contouring, firm where needed, not tight, stylish. They come in 3 colors: white, black, and heather grey. I like both designs, SYMBOLIC and MODUS. They work with jeans, shorts, joggers, you name it.

So, here are the muscle tees. Just like shirts they work with any of our shorts & joggers.

You see, I've had these shirts (these actual ones) since last October. They were the first samples that I got to test before making entire size run for you. I've been wearing them almost every day both casually and to the gym. Overtime and after about 25 laundry cycles, they shrunk a bit and got tighter (or maybe I just gained some muscle. I think the second). In addition to that, all of a sudden, everybody started wearing sleeveless shirts to the gym. That meant only one thing: Summer officially arrived! But it also gave me an idea to turn something old and what I love into something new.

Here is the best part: you can do it with almost any tee shirts, so you're welcome!

I've been wearing them to the gym for the past few weeks now, and I love them!

There are tons of videos about cutting sleeves off the shirts, so you can easily DIY. I followed 2 rules: logos must be visible (no cutting into print) and measure multiple times (if no sure about how low to cut, cut high first and see. if it looks good- leave it. If it is too high, go lower. Last premise: if you are slender, cut higher, otherwise the shirt will flare and will be like a sail at the front)