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Posted on April 10 2019


This is the most unique line that we ever carried and still carry. There are two main reasons for that: specially blended fabric and custom colors. 3 colors of this line- carbon grey, burgundy, and herb green- were custom dyed to achieve colors that no other company had. It is still true, and these colors are still unique.

This line is called WINTER LINE and it was introduced with 2 colors of shorts, joggers, hoodies, and 4 colors of tank tops, short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts. It is almost sold out, thus we only have few remaining items.

Despite the fact that this line came out some time ago, we wanted to give you more details about the styles. We think that product images and descriptions alone are not enough to paint complete picture of clothing. 

In addition to that, the more you know about the product, the more educated choice you can make when buying them!



All remaining  items from that collection are on clearance, and they are an absolute steal. We only wish we had more in stock.

2 styles are still available: TECH STITCH LONG SLEEVE SHIRT and DESIRE SCOOP TANK for men.

Here is why these items are great and why you definitely need to grab them while they are in stock if you have not already done so!


Awesome fabric that consists of specially blended 95% cotton/5% spandex material is durable, stretchy, soft, and breathable. If washing conditions are met, it will remain looking fresh for quite some time. Shirts are tapered, with long body, curved bottom, double reinforced hem, and flatlock seams.







Made of the same awesome fabric as long sleeve shirts, these tank tops are our favorite. Long body, stretch, color, feel, and resistance to wear after many many visits to the gym are among their benefits. Solid color and minimalistic design- just woven logo at the bottom. These styles gave inspiration to our ENERGY LINE.



These items are on CLEARANCE. Shop for them HERE. Use promo code 50 and you’ll get 50% off in addition to their current low price.