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Posted on August 25 2019


Everybody who is the customer of the Modus Apparel is a part of Modus Family. If you are signed up for our newsletter then you know that this is how I start pretty much every email.

Modus was built on the premise of becoming the best version of ourselves while inspiring others to do the same.

It has been one year since I acquired Modus Apparel in August 2018. And it definitely has been an interesting year. I learned a great deal about fitness clothing, photography, digital marketing, Google Ads, Shopify, and much more. 

Here is what we were able to do in the last year. We restocked STEALTH LINE and rolled out ENERGY LINE for MEN and WOMEN. We added new SCOOP BOTTOM TEES. We introduced NEW PRINTS with support of local business in Phoenix, AZ,  919CUSTOMS. We are currently collaborating with AZ Life Apparel on some new designs and prints. We also did our first pop up shop at local fashion event NIGHTSWIM produced by Luxeandcity and sponsored by AZ Foothills and Phoenix Fashion Week at Alta Drinkwater in Scottsdale.

I'd like to express gratitude to those who helped me along the way. We all came from various backgrounds and interests, but were unified by the passion for health and fitness.

BIG THANKS to every customer, athlete, Facebook and Instagram follower who supported and keeps supporting us!

Shout out to athletes and fans that were wearing and promoting Modus Apparel around the country: Chad, Jason, Nicole, Jose, Lauren, Tahne, Kaitlin, and Alexis!

Special shout out to these Modus Apparel models who directly participated in creating amazing visuals. Their titles are not going away any time soon. Check out their profiles, support their ideas or simply give them a follow.

And of course all of this would be impossible without graphic designer and the man behind the screen, ARCHIE. He is helping me navigate digital landscape all the way from Bosnia.


As always, thank you for supporting Modus Apparel!