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Posted on April 18 2019


Hello, #modusfamily! If you are signed up for our email list then you know that this is pretty much how I start all emails.

#MODUSFAMILY. I firmly believe that all of our customers and fans are a part of Modus Family. We are united by one idea which is to become the best version of ourselves and inspire others to do the same! By wearing Modus Apparel we are spreading the mission of Modus onto as many people as possible.

I wanted to make this blog entry as an update to where Modus has been and where it is going because you surely have questions and I believe in transparency. I hope that you received my email about transparency and the business. If you did not, then you can see it here. With the amount of e-commerce done these days it is very difficult to say (some times) where you are buying, who you are supporting, where your items are being shipped from, etc. I've seeing many different clothing online stores that appear on IG without any information about them on their websites. Just hot models and leggings...You may or may not care about these details, but I find it important to outline.

Let me answer some of the questions that you may have. I would certainly have them if I found out that the company I've grown to love went through some changes.


Modus Apparel has been sold in August of 2018. Previous owner and CEO Jon Boles is no longer involved with Modus Apparel. Even thought the company is not the same as it used to be, it adheres to its past and present mission.

Modus was based in Baltimore, MD for last 6 months of 2018 and then moved to Tempe, AZ where it is based currently.

Modus does not have physical space or office space. The company is based online. All clothing is safely stored in the storage unit and we ship from PO Box. Our current address is PO Box 7159, Tempe, AZ 85281. If you want to send us anything then use the address. This address is also used for returns and exchanges.


Currently we have several collections on hand: ENERGY LINE, STEALTH LINE, WINTER LINE, and RENEW LINE. They came out in different times, and it is imperative to go over them a bit. You can read more detailed description about each and every collection in previous blog entries. Here I'd like to say exactly when collections came out:


  • RENEW LINE Introduced in a Spring 2017 and almost sold out, so we decided to restock the most popular styles: SCULPT CAPRI. Current inventory of sculpt capris in black, navy, and grey was produced at the end of 2018. The rest of RENEW LINE- Wonder & Reveal Mesh Leggings, Compliment Crop and Tank Tops- was produced in the Spring of 2017.


  • STEALTH LINE Introduced in 2016 and completely sold out. We wanted to bring it back, and we did (2 styles; 3 products each). ALL Current inventory- Stealth Capri and Stealth Sports Bras- was produced at the end of last year. We added navy blue color to the mix of black and heather gray colors.


  • ENERGY LINE for WOMEN Produced at the end of 2018. It is as fresh as it can be! We were fortunate enough to work with the same manufacturer as before, so quality of this line is on point with any other women's line. You can read about it here.


  • ENERGY Line for MEN We had to find new manufacturer, so current line for men is not identical to WINTER 2016 LINE. We used the same specs and sizing, but chose different colors. And the line turned out to be awesome! We are very happy with sizing, colors, and styles of our current line.


  • WINTER LINE line was introduced in the winter of 2016 and it was very very good! Currently we have several pieces left and they are on CLEARANCE. Awesome quality and great price! Unique custom fabric dye, so it is guaranteed to be different from everything else. I have worn this line for 1.5 years, and it is still looks very very good after many cycles of washing.


Modus Apparel continues to be sold in the US and Internationally. International shipping is available. We ship using USPS and DHL. 

Domestically, we use USPS. The table below outlines two main premises of shipping via USPS.

 First Class Mail Priority Mail
Under 16 oz 16 oz and more
2-7 business days 1-3 business days
Tracking Tracking & Insurance


When it comes down to shipping, here is what you need to know. 1. You pay for shipping almost exactly that we pay to ship your items to you. 2. We make sure that you receive your items faster and safer, thus sometimes we send your shipment via Priority Mail even if you pay for First Class Mail. 3. Most companies as well as Modus are not responsible for your shipments when they are in hands of a carrier. I do believe that, but think that you are entitled for a refund if you do not receive your items. I do not think it is fair that you pay for, say international shipment, but delivery date is not guaranteed and it can take up to 3 weeks for items delivery. Ultimately, delivery itself is not guaranteed, and when you don't receive your items, NOTHING can be done. Carrier is not responsible, company is not responsible, and nobody really benefits from that. Thus, premise #4: if you buy our items internationally, select priority shipping and we'll ship using either Priority Mail International or DHL. Either way, we are paying almost twice more more to make sure that you get your items faster.


We are working on establishing solid presence in the state of Arizona and specifically Phoenix aka Valley of the Sun.

I want to thank everybody who contacted us recently and provided feedback and suggestions regarding our clothing, operations, and procedures.

If you have any further questions, send us an email or