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Meet IFBB Pro Jay Dang & Modus Apparel Athlete

Posted on September 12 2016

Meet IFBB Pro Jay Dang & Modus Apparel Athlete

Some of you know our athlete, Jay as Mr. 5 Star or “5 Star Training” but after he just recently won his IFBB pro card, we wanted you to learn a bit more about him and who he is away from social media.


Jay has been a dear friend to us along with being a Modus Apparel athlete for little over a year now and everything we’ve planned has come true with dedication and hard work.


Most people only know athletes, competitors, or fitness models through their social media accounts but never truly get to learn or find out who they are away from that.


We did a short Q&A with IFBB Pro Jay Dang in hopes you can learn a little bit more about him.

 Jay Dang, IFBB PRO, Modus Apparel, Athlete

"Hey everyone! I'm Jay Dang and I'm an IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer & Contest Prep Coach here in Arizona. I enjoy helping others surpass their fitness goals, traveling & living a balanced lifestyle."


What's your occupation?

"I'm an Online Fitness Coach"


Why do you love fitness?

"I love fitness because you get out of it what you put in. There aren't too many things in life that reward you for your efforts like fitness does. It enables us all to look better, feel better and do better ;)"


What lead you to competing?

"I was training my team out of a training studio in Scottsdale where another trainer in the studio was a contest prep coach. For months on end he would tell me that I needed to compete. Initially, I didn’t have the interest.  However, after months of him encouraging me to compete and then eventually sponsoring me to represent his brand, I gave it a try.. I placed 1st at my first show and was hooked."


How long have you been competing?

"I have been competing for 10 months now. The 2015 Felicia Romero Classic was my first show."


What did it take to win your IFBB Pro card?

"It took years of being dedicated to the weights to set my foundation, and 20 weeks of precise execution of nutrition, training & cardio."

"The last 4 weeks I was training 2.5 hours a day." 


What are your plans for 2017?

"My competition goals for 2017 are to win my Pro Debut, qualify for The Olympia & win the whole show. I also plan to have the flagship "5 Star Facility" open and running! This will be the one stop shop for anyone who desires to live a healthy lifestyle as well as for individuals who wish to compete."


Favorite cheat meal and go...?

"Steakhouse Truffle Burger from Cold Beers & Cheese Burgers, & Baked Bear for Dessert."


Jay Dang, Jeremy Dang, IFBB Pro, Modus Apparel, Athlete