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Posted on June 14 2019


Ladies, this is for you! Gents, plenty of gift ideas here!

WOMEN'S SETS are live and available! Now you have a possibility to get items you've been eyeing for quite some time and save money! Our SETS are combined of 2 items, top and bottom, and they are priced lower than both items bought separately!

Check them right here! Women Sets

This can be especially good for anybody who, to make a choice, needs to see all available options, colors, and combinations altogether instead of one at a time. Each ACTIVE SET features all available options right on its main image.


We have 7 active sets:

STEALTH SET: Stealth Capri + Stealth Sports Bra

(comes in 3 colors: heather gray, black, and navy)

(comes in 2 color options for both top and bottom: black and navy)

(3 colors for capri and 3 colors for tank tops)

(6 available colors for capri and 4 available colors for crop top)

(6 available colors for capri and 3 colors for tank tops)

(3 colors for leggings & 4 colors for crop tops)

(3 available colors for leggings & tank tops: red, green, lavender)


Each set is a combination of items that were envisioned to be worn together. They are intended to match, but they can also be mixed. Each set is limited by styles that make it, color, and size options. On most of them you can choose color and size for every piece.

We understand that when you buy small leggings or capris you may get medium or extra small top to go with it or vice versa. Thus when you place an order you decide which color and size of top and bottom you'd like.


In terms of colors, most sets you can mix and match, but obviously not everything will work. Our ENERGY line was envisioned to be fun, bright, impactful and worn rather matched. Thus, red leggings should be worn with red crop top or tank top; green with green, and so on. If you look at main image for each set, you can easily see what combinations work and which do not.

Two sets, namely STEALTH SET and SCULPT SET are fixed in color. Heather gray, black, and navy for former and black and navy for latter. It is very unlikely that these sets can be mixed, thus we took guessing work out. Trust us, they look the best when top and bottom are same color.


In terms of sizes, women's styles range from XS to L, and currently we have most styles available in most sizes, except one: XS Stealth Bra in Navy is not available. Each set has availability table in the description, so you can see exactly what sizes and colors are available.


Ordering is quite simple. When buying a set, write styles, colors, and sizes in the notes. For example, Stealth Capri, Navy, Small and Sports Bra, Navy, Medium.

If for some reason you don't like one of the items in the set- no worries. Just return the item, and we will credit you the difference between that item and the set.


Thank you for your continuous support!