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Our Most Advanced Product To Date - Stealth Line

Posted on January 06 2016

Our Most Advanced Product To Date - Stealth Line

Since Modus Apparel was just an idea on a piece of paper, our two co-founders, Jon Boles & Jordan Hoffman, had a dream of being able to create custom premium activewear that would be able to compete with and even beat some of the largest companies in the industry.

Being able to create activewear from scratch and see how much it positively affects our customers makes us push even harder.

The Stealth Capris and Sports Bra was our first journey down the road of creating garments from scratch. After developing them for 4-5 months, Modus Apparel is finally ready to release them to the public.

With how popular the fitness industry and the activewear category is, a lot of companies are starting to shift their business to doing activewear and focusing on leggings and sports bras. How does a customer choose between company A, B, or C?

At Modus Apparel, we don’t just pick a design and run with it. We aren’t just selling generic products and slapping a label on them. We’re taking the time to research, develop and create products that shape the way our customers feel.

The way you feel is such an intricate part of your day. Just take a second and think: “When you feel better, you do better.” It’s the motto that our company is built on. When we design our products, we ask ourselves: What would make our customers happy? What would make them be the best version of themselves?

We set out to create the ultimate line that would make our customers forget about everything in the world but their task at hand. As soon as you pull the Stealth Capris up, you become more confident; while the Stealth Sports Bra gets situated, you’re ready to take on the world.

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The sizing and structure of the Stealth Capris were designed for women who want to tuck away extra Holiday weight that they still plan to lose, or for women who are in the best shapes of their life and want to show off their assets. The Supplex Fabric made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex allows for the utmost comfort possible and feels as if nothing is there.

When designing the Stealth Capris, we created a few solutions to known problems. Worried about sweat showing? Worried about having your pants are see-through for the gym lookers? Don’t worry; we have you covered. Our sweat wicking material allows the sweat to escape the garment and not leave any stains or sweat marks. The 4-way stretch technology allows you to tackle any type of workout without having to worry that you’re showing any skin.

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Let's not forget about the overall look and aesthetics of the design. When you show up for brunch, your girlfriends are going to notice the Modus Apparel hologram logo sparkle in the sun as they catch their eyes on the mesh panels before they ask where you got them.

For the runners and yoga enthusiasts, we added in an inside key pocket and also a rear key pocket with zipper. The little things matter too!

We all know that leggings and capris are one-thing and sports bras are a whole other list of expectations. A sports bra will either make or break your day.

We designed the Stealth Sports Bra to give the utmost comfort while keeping a sexy look. The wide band under the bust allows our ladies to have extra support without showing off too much. The 4 way straps in the rear provide the utmost comfort whether you’re training in the gym or out and about with girl friends. This is the go-to all season lifestyle sports bra.

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The Stealth Sports Bra was created with the same material as the Stealth Capris so it’s sure to keep away sweat while remaining breathable. The 4 way stretch technology allows you to train as hard as you want, while keeping everything intact. We added in sweat wicking liner with built in pockets for removable cups so your assets remain comfortable for the entire day.

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We are so very excited to finally launch the Stealth Capris and Stealth Sports Bras. You will see our blood, sweat, and tears in these products. It’s time you feel better and do better.